Geometry Picture Books

Y'all know I love a good read aloud! One way I sneak more reading into my day is by reading picture books in EVERY subject area. Trust me, there are plenty of books out there!

Here are some of the picture books that I read as we study geometry. Not all of the books review skills that I currently need to teach, however, I think it's important to read books that remind students of their prior knowledge and fill in gaps for kids who may not have mastery yet. It is also equally important that books that extend knowledge are read to students as well.

The Greedy Triangle 

By student request, we have read this every single year. How can I say no to that! In this book, Triangle is not happy with the number of sides and shapes that she has so she continues to visit the shapeshifter to add angles and sides until she realizes that having three sides and angles wasn't so bad after all.

Perfect Square 

A Perfect Square will demonstrate how creativity can change the way you look at a basic shape.

Sir Cumference and the First Round Table 
(Parts of a Circle)

This is a fun little tale to help the students remember the parts of a circle. The main characters are Sir Cumference, Lady Di of Amter, and their son Radius. Sir Cumference helps King Arthur find the perfect table for the knights to discuss important kingdom matters. Kids love recognizing and pointing out how the other characters in the book relate to geometry as well.

Sir Cumference and the Great Knight of Angleland 

My students have declared this book very "punny" and say it is their favorite in the series! Radius goes on his first quest. He has to understand angle measurements to navigate the dangers of the castle and return home safely.

Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi 
(Circumference of Circles) 

When Sir Cumference drinks a potion that turns him into a dragon, his son Radius searches for the magic number(pi) which will restore him to his former shape.

Sir Cumference and the Isle of Immeter 
(Circumference & Area of Circles) 

Cousin Per comes to visit the family and learns how to play a game called "Inners and Edges". She decides to visit the Island of Immeter and along with Radius. Together they discover the mystery of the island and figure out to calculate the perimeter and area of a circle.

Sir Cumference and the Sword and the Cone 
(3-Dimensional Shapes)

King Arthur has hidden his sword, Edgecalibur. The first knight to find the sword will be the next king. Sir Cumference and Lady Di try their best to point Radius's best friend, Vertex in the right direction and give him the edge on finding the sword.

Zachary Zormer Shape Transformer
(Measuring Length, Width, Area, and Perimeter)

Zachary realizes he forgot his assignment to bring in something fun to measure. When Zack comes up with an amazing idea for a project, he takes on measuring length, width, area, and perimeter in order to demonstrate how the sun heats the Earth.

Toads and Tesselations 

In this book, Enzo dreams of becoming a mathematician, unlike his father who is a magician. While his father is away, Enzo helps Tessel, the village shoemaker, and his sister as they try to make twelve identical shoes out of only one piece of leather. A spell mishap leads Enzo to a method of forming patterns without gaps or overlaps, and they discover math is the answer to their problem.

Have you read any of these with your students? Which one is your favorite to use?

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