Build Your Classroom Library with Epic!

Let me share one of my favorite ways to add books to my classroom for FREE! 

Whether you're a new teacher beginning your career or a seasoned teacher looking for more books to put into your student's hands, Epic! - Books for Kids is an amazing resource for bringing books to your classroom! Epic has a library of over 35,000 books and learning videos available on the platform. I personally appreciate having so many different topics and a wide expanse of book levels to be able to provide equitable access points for all students.

Each time we begin a new unit, students "unlock" a new library. Doesn't that sound so much more fun than saying, "I put new books out"? When students unlock a new library, I invite them to a catalog of books and videos pre-selected (by me) that I've put together. These libraries provide students with what I refer to as best friend books, or books that support what we are currently learning. We know how valuable having background knowledge is for students. This is a great way to put high interest, multileveled text in front of kids. 

I have seen increased interest in what we are learning, increased reading engagement, and most importantly doing this has helped me provide a more equitable and accessible library to all of my students. Our students are diverse in their cultures, abilities, interests and in their learning needs. Epic has something for everyone!

Grab a free copy of November Genre Bingo!
We're working on reading a larger variety of genres. Epic helps us find books to complete our monthly genre BINGO boards. During independent reading times, the kids read books to match to get a BINGO for the month. So far, graphic Novels, audio books, informational texts, and cultural holiday celebrations like Hispanic Heritage Month and Day of the Dead have been the top choices this year.

Epic is free to ALL educators and students during school hours. After hours, parents can sign their child up for home access. This is great budget-friendly way to get kids reading. Share this gem with parents in passing or when you meet for conferences. If you haven't tried Epic!-Books for Kids, what are you waiting for?! Sign up and get your students reading today! 

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